Gender Deception War of Anomaly Sexuality

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د. محمد حسين مختاريحسين جهجاه Download the full research

After it criminalized it, how is the contemporary world being taken towards normalization with the phenomenon of anomaly sexuality and sexual pornography

 in a way that we see it transforming into an axis that American diplomacy relies on and fights for? Undoubtedly, this transformation did not come out of the thin air, and it naturally does not become worthless, just like any social phenomenon that Western civilization worked to produce, or reproduce, from what it existed on a limited basis in previous eras. In view of this reality, we are concerned with studying this phenomenon on two levels: First: studying the phenomenon itself with regard to the nature of the foundations on which it is based, and the nature of the outcomes that lead to it. Second: studying the basic factors due to which the social phenomenon arises in Western civilization fields. If we think about the feminist scene before World War I, as an example of that, and if we assume that that war would not invade the European entity, and therefore hunger will not prevail, and millions will not be killed, especially men, and life in the field of social security will not be exposed to homelessness and anxiety about fate, and so on, the rest of what this war produced. Then, will we see a widespread phenomenon of women leaving their homes and families to become workers in the war fields, and servants in the logistical situation of war, after losing the breadwinner - father, husband, or brother- as a result of what the war took from men?

حسين سوزنجيياسر بشير Download the full research

In this research, the researcher explains abnormal sexual relations in ancient Western societies (Greek - Macedonian - Roman),

and sheds light on society’s view of them, and how Western thinkers, through active influencers in society, were able to promote them, especially since most of them were involved in such abnormal relations. The mythological background, misconceptions, and actualpractice of this social scourge on a minor group in society, played a role in its spread, and made it permeate the structure of society until it became considered the basis of the school educational process, national education, military education, physical education, and mental health. The focus of this research is on the relations of anomaly sexualityin the lives of elites; such as philosophers, 
leaders and emperors, because they were ideals in their communities. It also addresses the reasons and factors that led anomaly sexuality to spread in ancient Western societies

سمير بلكفيف Download the full research

The concept of freedom in the West is influenced by deviant feminist thought, which means to be free from any restrictions and to accept any type - whatever it may be - of rules and controls

It is clear that such a conception of “freedom” is actually a kind of slavery; that is, placing the soul in the circle of slavery, subjecting to animal lusts and psychological desires, falling into the dark, suffocating narrow zones of nature and materialism, and falling into the cycle of self-prison. Such an interpretation of women's freedom is common in the Western vision. In other words, women's freedom in their opinion is as same as "sexual" freedom, and they emphasize that everything that hinders, restricts, and deprives women of this right is condemnable and must be questioned. Questionable readings of women's freedom also allowed to the material exploitation and sexual enjoyment of women, and reduced their status to the bottom, which contributed to destruct their personality, and to distort their characters. The West exploited the concept of freedom in bad way and imposed it - in the sense it wanted - on societies, until it became nothing more than an apparent concept, which is used in the corridors of political forums and in propaganda campaigns. This article briefly discusses the origins and sources of this definition, the evidence for women’s freedom in the West; the consequences of this matter; the issue of using women as a tool and commodity in order to achieve some things; the current situation of women in Western societies; and researching the incorrectness of the slogan “freedom and women’s rights” in the West.

د. عبد الله السليمان Download the full research

Among human issues, there are few that we can win, which they were considered at one time among the greatest sins

and at another time among the most prominent human rights headlines! By carefully paying attention to the difference between sexual behaviors, anomaly tendencies, and anomaly identity, this article initially exposes the transformations that led to anomaly marriage becoming legal in Western societies, in order to know how something that was defined as a “sin” (that is, it is a crime that will be punished in the afterlife, in addition to being a crime in worldly life), gradually becomes known as a “right” through a set of social constructions. Then, through philosophical contemplation of the reason that allows something to be considered a “right” for a human, we conclude at the fact that opening a file entitled “Anomaly Sexuality Rights” is part of what is presented on the global scene as “human rights” - in addition to being an unjustified act - is based on bases that accepting them -In addition to questioning the possibility of accepting human rights as a global issue that everyone must care for - leads to blocking the way for defending the rights of minorities (and they want to recognize “anomaly (same sex) marriage” as a right for minorities).

علي حسن مراد Download the full research

This article includes an analysis of the relationship between the human nature concept and the areas of its ethical interpretation,

and an attempt to monitor
the radical transformation in the human nature concept, sometimes under the
impact of anthropological, social, contextual, and particularly gender studies,
and sometimes under the impact of the biotechnical revolution. The dispersion
of trends in ethical philosophies, in terms of theorizing the foundations of
ethical behavior, is directly reflected in many of the imagined limits of ethical
responsibility, and the standards on the basis of which the understanding of
human nature is regulated and its stability to a certain extent.
Therefore, we will focus on the value change in contemporary ethical discourse,
that is, the shift from the classical and modern concept of human nature - relating
to its essence and identity, intellect or sensitivity, where its metaphysical
significance is determined - towards the contemporary concept in which it
has become scientifically determined, as a complex biology, or as the result
of a complex sociological upbringing. Whatever it is, this scientific referral of
human nature has destabilized many of today’s universal ethical values, and
has questioned the usefulness of classical ethical principles, and the changes,
which accompanied, in the structure and concept of the family, in some of its
current forms, and in the nature of masculinity and femininity, and the relationship
between the sexes.

د. أسماء عبد العزيز أحمد Download the full research

Over the centuries, the American capitalist system has always practiced the craft of accumulating capital, by increasing production and profits,

and excelled in
inventing goods and everything that would create markets for its production. In
order to achieve these profitable goals, it was adopted policies and legislation
that made it easier to reach his goals. From freeing slaves in the mid-nineteenth
century, to granting the descendants of freedmen some civil rights, the ruling
capitalisms in the United States were making their way towards accumulating
power, which enabled them to exercise domination throughout the world. Given
the nature of the political and economic system and its development, the deeprooted capitalist state was adept at creating issues and producing identities
that made it easy for it to commodify what it thought that there was an interest
to be treated as commodity. The rights, which history recorded as being granted
to achieve the goals of human liberation, have always had some interest behind
them that benefits the capitalist system of domination.
This research turns out the development of the course of the American capitalist
system, especially according to its neoliberal doctrine, and the influence and
dominance provided by the system of corporate interests, in order to understand
the interest relationships behind the identitarian phenomena that have emerged
in America, especially with the emergence of the trend of anomaly sexualityin
the United States during the past two decades.
The numbers and information, which contained in the research, show part of the
economic power behind the trend of anomaly sexualityin the United States, and
the nature of the self-interested relationships produced by the American capitalist
mind to reach the goal of creating a loyal customer - devoid of awareness -
who has no choice but to remain loyal to a system that, as he imagines, has

د. مريم رضا خليل Download the full research

The “prominent” global events, which dealing with sexual anomaly, are increasingly being framed on global and Arab satellite news networks, a thing that was unthinkable to happen a decade ago in the media.

These “missionary”
tasks and the media speeches (messages) -produced by this movement, and the
organizations it represents- are what constitute what may be called the “dream
of internationalism” for perverts, who see it as an assimilation project to quickly
catch up, especially in the Eastern countries, which are considered relatively
late in this international assimilation project, especially in the Arab and Islamic
On our side, we see that this “Orientalist” motive, to direct all branches of
academic research and media content about perverts' s society and rights, is
one of the missionary tasks to find bases for the dream of international perverts,
where there is an increasing bet on attacking the collective consciousness of
specific peoples, to spread ideologies that are completely different from their
culture and social and economic context, by targeting special recipients, such
as children and adolescents. Therefore, it is important to interpret the Western
media speech (message), to monitor the extent to which it is able to distance
Arab and Islamic identity from its goals, and to show any counter-movement as
something defective and contradictory to modernity

جواد توكلي خانكيمحمد فاتحي ومحمدهواري بهلولي Download the full research

The imposition and promotion of sexual anomaly becomes official and public within President Biden's administration after a process of preliminary steps to the stage of huge defense by the force of law under the pretext of "protecting rights",

no matter of
its fallacies of double standards. This paper examines the understandable reasons
for this measure, according to the Weberian approach, by noting its repercussions
on all human society, including Western and American society. It links the subject
and the problem of the study to its primary origin, i.e. Western capitalist thought,
whose material structures of hegemony allowed this degree of value evasion. The
research looks at the process of legal justification as a natural and inevitable
product of the material hegemony encroachment; a festering product from which the
host communities themselves will not be safe, witnessing the erosion of their own
structures. The paper also studies the relationship between the imposition of anomaly
and the containment of youth and children in the context of soft war.
 There are a set of political and social dimensions within anomaly that reveal the
extent of Western thought’s vulgarity in dominating cultural identities and distorting
human societies in the service of the interests of the colonial domination project over
resistant communities. These dimensions confirm the weakness of the outcomes
of soft war in the processes of alienation, which has pushed to the highest level of
extremism. However, while the United States allows itself colonial hegemony over
popular wills and collective consciousness in resistant societies, it is accelerating
its decline and the loss of its liberal project in the face of an ascending civilizational
project based on liberation from the encroachment of materialism, searching for
justice and righteousness.

د. كوثر سويسي Download the full research

The class of adolescents and young people is considered the greatest class exposed to various forms of Western cultural aggression.

Most of the negative concepts of cultural invasion involve
threats to the cultural entity, and are due to the lack of awareness of this class about the
danger of the negative consequences of the culture of sexual freedom. It seems possible to
change the opinion of young people about this negative phenomenon, by clarifying its negative
consequences, and paving the way for confronting freedoms that are out of the reach of the law.
This is what this study seeks to provide.
The study researchers relied on the meta-synthesis methodology in collecting research
qualitatively. They extracted the results of previous studies on the consequences of sexual
freedoms and analyzed them qualitatively. Then, they coded the indicators obtained by the
different studies, and divided the codes and signs into several groups according to the research
themes. The meta-synthesis showed us conceptual models containing three dimensions, five
themes, and thirty-seven codes. The three dimensions are individual, familial, and social/
cultural consequences. The division of those consequences also showed that the social/cultural
consequences are the most important among the others, followed by the familial, then the
individual consequences.
The study concluded that Western countries and governments seek to promote strange
phenomena in Islamic countries, such as unrestrained sexual freedoms, to influence the belief
of their people, undermine the cultural and religious beliefs, and destroy methods of sound
social behavior. Promoting sexual freedoms provides the necessary ground for influence and
penetration into the intellectual and religious system, and the establishment of behaviors and
lifestyles that are completely contrary to the social and religious behavior of Muslim societies,
aiming to gain influence in these societies. Sexual freedom can be considered the wide gateway
through which Western values were entered, most of which contradict Islamic cultural values. 

د. سهام محمد عزوز Download the full research

The concept of gender needs a lot of review, examination, and scrutiny to enrich the theoretical heritage in this context, and to clarify a more honest,

and comprehensive vision of this concept, so that it does not lead us too far into
its scientific illusions. This is what the current study aims to achieve, through a
review of previous critical studies of gender. This review raises a key question
about scientific bias in gender studies. About 27 critical articles were monitored
from major databases, they were published between 2005 – 2023 in Arabic,
French, and English, and then the main themes were extracted, which are:
The ambiguity of the gender concept and its individualistic philosophy, scientific
bias in gender studies, and refutation of gender identity.
The study concluded that the ambiguity of the concept of gender is due to scientific
bias in gender studies, because the researchers are eager to confirm the validity
of their results (confirmation bias), which led to overturning previously established
scientific facts, such as the concepts of health and disease, nature and culture,
to legislate gender identities, and with exaggerated agreement among gender
researchers. All of that was done under the influence of the biases of “false
agreement” and false uniqueness, which could turn into a greater bias, which is
“multiple unawareness”, if the scientific community has not resolved the matter.
These are our recommendations to readers and future researchers in gender

زينب علي فرحات Download the full research

In half a century, the anomalous in the Western world went out from their secret hideouts, moved into organized public act, and then extracted recognition from governments, societies, and international bodies.

They continued their journey
by accumulating literary production, etc., so they had their own literature,
symbols, and Olympic Games. Then they engaged in political work, becoming
parliamentary representatives, mayors of cities, ministers, and party leaders.
How can Muslim communities in the West (in Europe, the United States of
America, and others) protect themselves from the culture of anomaly sexuality
and sexual transformation imposed by Western governments under the slogan
of freedoms, human rights, and combating discrimination and hatred?
According to legal and social considerations, these communities are obligated,
by virtue of citizenship, to accept the laws and procedures imposed by the
governments of these countries. But Western laws, especially those related
to public rights and freedoms, also give citizens of these countries (Muslim
communities are main part of citizenship) the ability to protect their religious
and cultural privacy. Regarding the controversy over the issue of total or partial
integration, the issue of submission and obedience to certain laws, which may
affect religious and cultural privacy, remains a very sensitive issue. From this
standpoint, Western anomaly sexuality laws are considered a tool for political
and social pressure on Muslim communities, and constitute a fundamental
obstacle to integration into these societies. 

سامر توفيق عجمي Download the full research

This research deals with the repercussions of sexual anomaly in the United States of America and Europe,

and this is done by presenting statistics issued by official
and civil medical institutions that monitor the effects resulting from sexual anomaly.
Among the most prominent results of sexual perversion: the prevalence of suicide
among sexual deviants, drug abuse, alcohol addiction, in addition to the incidence
of mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety, and psychosis, which often end
in drug addiction or suicide. HIV infection, lower wages, and economic insecurity
are also repercussions. They are titles that we will get to know more about in this
research in order to understand their rationale, background, and path.
In light of the most prominent results of the research, the suicide rate in the United
States of America was estimated to be 40% higher for sexually deviant people
than for heterosexuals, and 7 times higher in France compared to non-sexually
deviant people. As for HIV, sexual anomaly men make up 69% of HIV carriers in
the United States, and the number of AIDS carriers increases by 3,000 annually
in Italy. With regard to drug addiction, the percentage of sexual anomaly addicts
reached 30% in the United States, and also 30% is the percentage of slam sex users
in the Netherlands. For prescription abuse, the proportion of sexually deviant people
who abuse prescriptions in the United States is 7.4% (or 790,000 people) of adults.
While 23.8% (or 1.3 million people) of sexual anomaly in the United States also drink
alcohol. Mental illnesses are also very prevalent among sexual deviants, as the
percentage of mentally ill sexual anomaly in the United States reached 46%, while
3 out of 5 sexual anomalies suffer from anxiety in Britain. sexual anomaly also has
economic repercussions, as studies have monitored a decrease in the productivity
of sexually deviant people in Britain, where they earn 16% less than sexual anomaly,
while the poverty rate for sexually deviant people reached 22% in the United States.

هادي قبيسي Download the full research

Holy Qur’an presents us with a vision of mankind that is based on the existence of established laws in light of the divine will, including: “biological duality”.

The first idea
in the Quran is that everything Allah Almighty created is subject to the law of duality,
which is a general matter. However, what appears to be the case is that it does not
mean masculinity and femininity, but rather conformity and dissimilarity, or action and
reaction. However, there are verses that demonstrate - based on many evidences - the
generality of the law of biological duality for the plant world, as well as for the animal
and human worlds.
One who studies the Quran verses notices several things:
First: Man is two types, male and female, without the existence of a third type, and it
is one of the postulates of contemporary biology. However, gender ideology is based
on sophistry that goes beyond biology and science by believing in the existence of
identities outside of masculinity and femininity, based on personal desire rather than
formative reality. Identity is not the image that a person wishes to present to others, but
rather what “he himself” looks like in reality.
Second: The ability to become pregnant is limited to femininity, as the female was
provided to do this with a “uterus,” “menstruation”. Therefore, transgender men do not
menstruate, and transgender women have the ability to become pregnant because
they are biologically female.
Third: Reproduction occurs through sexual relations between a male and a female, but
the Quran limits it to legal marriage. On the other hand, gender ideology and sexual
anomaly go beyond that, as it legalized same-sex marriage.
Therefore, the Quran forbids any sexual relationship between a male and a female
outside of legal marriage, or between females, or between two males, indicating that
one of the destructive effects of this is: The non-continuation of the human species.
Therefore, genderideology and sexual anomaly are a philosophy of death and nihilism.

لينا السقر Download the full research

The issue of subordination is raised in light of the imbalance of power and the disorder in international relations, due to the existence of a state of domination and material and moral subordination.

Despite the clarity of the effects of the imbalance in relations between the various
international components, the dominant has always intended to present his
dominance as a service he provides to the oppressed. The effect of dominance,
which takes all social movements that subject to it towards serving the interests of
one group, is hidden from many people. This applies to the intellectual field, where
the flow of the dominant culture deprives others of the possibility of activating an
intellectual movement that is appropriate to their aspirations and commensurate
with their needs. This is what disrupts the intellectual movement, and limits its
consumption, environment, and serving the intellectual context that the foreign
producer, who is different in his personality, and environment, wants.
Many intertwined problems arise in this research. Does the foreign outcome,
which comes from the dominant, have a negative influence on the intellectual
activity of the oppressed? Does accepting that outcome and adapting it to the
oppressed community have negative effects as well? Is everything coming from
countries, that have dominated, considered an outcome integrated with the
idea and program of dominance? How did the dominant deal specifically with
the issue of intellectual dominance? How does the dominant think about these
problems, and how does he use them to develop and perpetuate the extent of his
If we do not have an intellectual modernization, which based on the Western
culture that has dominated for decades and centuries, how can we describe the
intellectual movement resulting from this modernization?

Download the full research

Within this short reading, we highlight the necessity of confronting aberrant movements, revealing their false origins, and clarifying their dangers to societies in general,

and Arab societies in particular, and how threatening the systems
that determine the relationship of the individual with the family, and the family
with society, and which give the nation its entity, independence and preserve its
This reading also makes it clear that everything contrary to the divine nature
causes harm, and hinders the progress of people. Therefore, it is necessary to
combat all movements calling for abnormality, which deviate from logic and
religious instructions, and deteriorate societies. Most importantly, we must know
the physical and psychological harm of these aberrant and deviant calls.
The book is one of the most important steps that confronted and exposed the
lies of Alfred Kinsey, especially since it is based on the real experience of
Judith Riesman, an American scientist and activist, and media expert, about the
toxic effects of pornography, which were caused by Kinsey’s tools, and her only
daughter was the victim.
It also reveals how the deviant West supported him with the aim of controlling
the minds of a very important group, the youth group that is essential for building



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